The Kunsters

the Super Cat!


who knows well about Branding and Advertisement

She uses the Web Channels, builds Strong Media Relations and completes the job!

Our cat is a brilliant cat, she always has the right idea and always can give life to it!

photo cv

Panagiotis Papoutsis

Panagiotis Papoutsis has a real passion for arts and culture. As Cultural Marketing Manager, he has organized numerous cultural events and exhibitions in Europe. The combination of knowledge and experience as well as his love for photography have lead him to create the Photometria Photography Festival. Among with his art activities, he is a wrestler and a music producer. Elements that add a special value in every project that he deals.



Olga Koumoundourou

Olga is a highly creative person who shows a consistency, determined and motivated attitude in her work. As Art Director, her ideas, expertise and deep subject knowledge prove to be an asset for each work she creates. Olga’s real passion and the way she facing her art are the parameters that determine our creative power!



Anton Commodore

Anton Commodore (Antonios Koumoundouros) has been an Advertiser for many years. He has clients both in Europe and in the United States. He believes that good ideas are only those being implemented. And in order to do so he does not stick to details. He believes that everything can be done at a specific time as long as there strength, willpower and perseverance. Anton trains his body, exerts his spirit and works for his soul. Touches unexplored aspects of existence and feel free. And that’s really a good thing.