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Photometria Festival 2017

Photo Contest “Photometria Awards 2017”
Theme: “Love”
Participation Dates : 1 – 30 of April ’17

The Exhibition will travel to 13 Greek and 3 foreign cities.


Let’s talk about IBM Qradar

“On Camera Presentation” Video

Explainer video for IBM Security Qradar product. We have gain IBM’s approval on this and now is the time to talk about IBM Qradar!

The Concept

Comfortable and Powerful. These are the #Encoders and they know their job so well. So, just tell us a very few words about IBM Qradar. From your side, what have you gain in your everyday work using this tech product. What are your impressions, any examples from clients that are using this product? Say it directly, with clear words, not very tech but straight. And above all with a smile, because you have knowledge, experience and you are high level trained.

So, let’s see the Video here 

 Cinematographer: Panagiotis Papoutsis / Creative Direction: Antonios Koumoundouros / Editor: Marilena Gkoni
manafas5 copy

Reverse Time

Reverse time, through sports, with joy and pureness.

Photos By Panagiotis Papoutsis


For us is like writing a book with invisible ink that allows you to imagine, to feel the story with your senses and your imagination.

It’s a creative procedure, a continuous and endless game. And it takes more then two to play.

And we love it!


Kunst LLC

Establishment of Kunst in the United States of America.

On December 6th, Kunst became, under the name: “Kunst LLC”, a Delaware limited liability company.

With Pride and Honor we move Ahead!


Kunst #LoveLiveConquer


Photometria ’16 Behind the Images

“Photometria ’16 Behind the images”, directed by Marilena Gkoni. The documentary about the last edition of Photometria International Photography Festival, that took place in Ioannina last June, and has been held the last 8 years.

copyright: Photometria Festival

the Video



Once upon time there were two men, a middle aged man and a younger man. They both had a common passion: #Wrestling but @ the same time they were so different. The middle aged man was only a fan, a viewer, but the other guy, the younger one, was already a wrestler. And suddenly, when the sun and the moon went to the right place, the younger told to the other one: “Hey, come on friend, it’s about time to teach you some wrestling moves.

_ZAG0670 copy

A key element alone, marked our thinking when we thought the creation of the official website for TP52 Bullet Sailing Team, the Image. The image that immediately captures the eye, but in the same time gives way to the associations that are born in the mind of the website visitor.


Back 2 School

We want to make clients feel relaxed – creating a little bit of nostalgia by teasing their memories from another time, more innocent, more simple. We want to make them smile. So no more business worries, just learning, exploring new dimensions of knowledge with open mind and clear thought.


home new 2-final draft


Photometria International Photography Festival is pleased to announce its programme for 2016. The main theme of its 8th year is entitled “Home” and photographers from around the world
(Turkey, Canada, Brazil, Wales, China, USA, Ukranie, Sweden, Albania, Spain, Greece), will showcase their work from the 1st until the 12th of June in Ioannina.

And we are so proud that we design the main poster / the symbol of this great International Photography Festival. / Schedule 2016



00:04 The time had come, the flame has flared painfully bringing life to all the memories of the past 00:15 At every step he felt the uncertainty of his existence to contradicts with the demons that haunt him 00:30 He had returned to where he was born, one day suddenly, like all the other wild creatures of the world 1:47 Yes she was there, between the dense foliage of the ancient pines, waiting quietly 2:02 Waiting to meet him, to enchanted him with eternal power 2:52 Metamorphosed slowly and moving to an unknown pathway that makes him free 3:10 There was something at his gaze, perhaps a suspicion of this force destined to get him to the ends 3:20 He felt the eternal power around him, accepted all the greatness and stood still and ecstatic against his own nature 

(Quotes based on Photo Storytelling)


Once upon a time there was a LOVE

Love. You can’t live with it. You can’t live without it.
Cast: Stratos Tzortzoglou, Fiona Georgiadi
Director: Stratos Tzortzoglou
Adaptation: George Valaris
Costumes design: Lydia Venieri
Scenography-set design: Lydia Venieri
Music supervision: Spiros Exaras
Light design: Thanassis Tzouvelis Velmos
Set construction: Lakis Papadopoulos
Associate Producers: Anton Coumoundouros, George Zouvelos, the Kunsters
Producer: Stratos Tzortzoglou
Production: Stratosphere Art Inc

Under the auspices of Federation of Hellenic societies of greater NY


the Alliance of Aesthetics

A multiplicity canvas of extraordinary people that are interesting and with a common purpose: the alliance of aesthetics.



There are people who have lived all their lives in the forest and others who have not seen in their life not a tree.

And this is also one reason that makes the forest so important.

Because divides people into those who lived and others that someone told them that they have lived.

And they believed it.

new theater performance by our Stratos

more details soon

Logo-cyan copy 2


The Colors

·       White because our creative way of thinking is pure and limpid.

·       Blue because we believe in truth, harmony, tranquility and hope. Also, because we have noble origin.

The Shape

Round like a circle in a spiral
Like a wheel within a wheel
Never ending on beginning
On an ever-spinning reel

(lyrics from the song: “The Windmills Of Your Mind” by Michel Legrand)

The Cat

You can hire a cat to do the job, It allows you to play, to take care or even to love her, but only with its terms. You can never really possess a cat. They come and go as and when they like. So do we.



A beautiful sailboat, a strong company and a new campaign has born!

Fast like a Bullet

Powerful like ENCODE



A Cyber Security Congress powered by ENCODE and IBM – A design by Foolish Designers and a new campaign via Twitter is born. #cyberthrucolors is the concept. Small details from the design as teasers. Each with a sort phrase about the symbolism of color. But stating also our point of view.  And a very simple image can represent all the above. Because 1 image is more that 1000 words.


Do U Believe?

Theme: FAITH

We chose the motto Do U Believe? in an attempt to tease viewer’s eye and mind before Festival’s announcement. The term Faith refers mainly to religious sentiment but here is the challenge:  how each artist will create inspired on the meaning Faith.


Be the captain in your own journey!

“I feel strong – I am happy! Because I am the captain in my own journey. And I am free!”


ENCODE the Next Generation SIEM event

Organizing, Coordination and Implementation of the conference: “IBM QRadar – Next Generation SIEM”, based in one and only Concept: the Leaders of Cyber Security.


Calm, Order, Secure

ENCODE’s corporate video

We are talking about Cyber Security, we have to be creative, unconventional and a little curious. And of course, the big Internet world has always supported the new, the creative, the subversive. And that image became from ENCODE’s people.


Definitely we bring business concepts to life!

The United States Congress in a very special event presents the health benefits of the Greek diet and creates stronger trade relationships in food products between the United States and Greece.

The brands that we have designed were there, next to every official – in every public eye!


Brand LOI

Driving force in our thinking was the recognizability that the brand name Loi has and also the fact that it is already established in the minds of US consumers through International Media. Our aim was the creation of a strong and unique label that marks and characterizes completely company’s olive products, giving a clear mark in the wider market under the brand name Loi.


it’s all about the Face

Artistic design of a brand new website that has been based on a prescribed form, for the European leading actor Stratos Tzortzoglou.

The main axis of our thinking has been the completed presentation of his personality through his important and perennial work, focusing on the present.

And the face was the key point!


The T.T. Boat and the Big Blue Sea

The Idea: Just picture a small boat cleaning up the bay of Thermaikos on a daily basis. This could be great scenery for people going by and a great deal of relief for the coastal areas of Thessaloniki. In fact, there once was a boat doing this job, but it grew old and needed repair.

and then Kunsters took action!